Uniform Shop

Upper Harbour Primary School has a compulsory uniform that we expect all pupils to wear.  To order the uniform please go to our website store or visit the school office.

Orders are placed every Thursday with our supplier, please be aware that there will be an approximate 14-day turnaround on deliveries.  We will let you know when the uniform has arrived and can be collected from the office.

If your child is cold and needs to wear another garment which shows from underneath their uniform, please make sure it is black in colour.

Sports uniform is only for use during school sports activities, not for everyday class wear.

There are no regulation shoes or socks, but we ask that students wear ones that do not clash with our uniform (e.g bright pink stripes).  We do ask that you make sure your child has footwear that is suitable for a range of activities, including physical education and fitness.

Please ensure that your child wears sensible, safe hair ties that match their uniform.

We ask that common sense prevails in the wearing of jewellery to school.  It can be lost or damaged, or worse still can cause damage to the wearer (e.g. earrings getting caught and ripped out during PE).  If your child has to wear earrings to school, please ensure they only wear studs.