Since opening in 2006, Upper Harbour Primary’s vibrant learning community has grown to include over 500 students.

Our school grounds are filled with native trees and bushes lovingly cared for by our students, community and caretaker.

Our buildings are environmentally friendly! Rain water from the roofs is collected and used to water our gardens and flush our loos! The lights are on automatic sensors and our windows respond to the weather by opening and closing, ensuring good ventilation for powerful learning.


Every Upper Harbour classroom is equipped with numerous eLearning tools, to engage and stimulate our learners to innovate, create and problem solve for the present and for their future.


The school library has traditionally been a place where students browse, read, and sign out a variety of books.  It provides a range of learning opportunities with over 8,000 amazing titles and resources to choose from.  We offer a wide variety of genres within our picture books, graphic novels, non-fiction and senior fiction ranging from fantasy, action and adventure to history, science and maths.

Our students love to delve into some of our most well loved authors books including Dr Seuss, Roald Dahl, Liz Pichon, Jacqueline WIlson and Geronimo Stilton.

If the students have a particular book or favourite author that they want to read they can request this through our “wish list” book.  The requested book will then be held aside for them so they can be the first child in the school to read it.

Our “new arrivals” shelf is also a place of great interest with the students so they can see the extensive display of new books that have been purchased or donated to the school.

In addition, we also provide special events such as author visits and book fairs to encourage the love of reading.
You can often see a variety of other activities in our library space too including games, robotics, coding, speech competitions, and presentations.  The library is also a great place for our student-run clubs to meet and exchange ideas.


Upper Harbour Primary School has been designed with an ‘awhina’ or shared space in each block of four classrooms.  The awhina spaces are used as a communal area, extending the learning space of classrooms for group work, art lessons, team assemblies and learning centres.


We have a strong community partnership with the families of the Fernbank, Schnapper Rock and The Oaks neighbourhoods. Our school backs on to Lady Phoenix Reserve and provides our learners with a wonderful natural laboratory to investigate, explore and develop their scientific thinking and their conservationist inklings.


We are fortunate to have 2 playgrounds, courts, fields, a sandpit and a bike track for the children to use at break times.  

Our small playground is for use by our Year 1 to 2 children, the large playground is located on the fields.  The courts have basketball nets, netball nets and tennis nets.  The field has rugby and soccer posts and our bike track.  The bike track is for use by all students.