KINDO School payments online Set-Up Guide

We are very excited to introduce our new online Kindo School Shop. This is the new order and payment system for all your child’s school needs:

  • school donations
  • school uniform
  • sports fees
  • trips and in-school events
  • stationery packs
  • lunches
  • school activities


Click here to create your account using the email address our school has on file for you. 


Once you have created your account, the myKindo app is available to download on both Android and Apple devices. 


Creating an account (once only)

Getting started is fast & easy. Click here to start the registration process.  All you need is the email address the school has on file for you. Your account will be created and can be used for all students at any school.

You only need to register once. After that, log in with your email address and password at, or download the app from the Apple or Android App Store.  Any registered caregiver can create an account.


Selecting items to pay

There are TWO types of transactions you can make using myKindo: 

  • paying Personalised Payable Items for your child
  • purchasing Optional Items (Kindo Shop).

Personalised Payable Items

  • Under your child’s name, you’ll see a list of items to be paid for.
  • To pay the full amount, click the + next to the item you’re paying for.
  • To make a part payment, enter the amount you’re paying into the box, then click + When you’ve paid in full, the item will be removed from your account.

Optional Items (Kindo Shop)

This is where you can buy uniforms, sign up for sports teams, order lunches, and more.


  1. Find available items using the services menu on the left of the screen.


  2. To add an item to your cart, click on your child’s initial next to the item


  1.   For a dated service (such as ezlunch), select your first delivery date, then add items to the cart for that date. To add items for multiple dates click on the calendar icon.

Optional items will not be removed when purchased, as these are generally ‘shop’  items. You can view your order history on my orders’.


Checkout & payment 
  1. Once you have finished adding items to your cart,
    click ‘Check out’ to review your order.
  2. Click ‘Place Order’ to complete the transaction. 
  3. If you do not have sufficient funds, the button will say ‘Top-Up & Place Order’ (see “Topping up your account” below).
  4. Kindo will automatically update the school with your order, and you will receive an email receipt, from Kindo, confirming your payment and/or top-up.



Need assistance?

Please ask at the school office 09 413 7233,


For technical assistance, go to,
call the Kindo helpdesk on freephone 0508 4 KINDO (0508 454 636).

The helpdesk is open 8 am – 4 pm on weekdays.