Hero | Communication

Welcome to Hero! 

At UHPS, we use a reporting and communication tool called Hero. We are excited to share this ‘real-time’ reporting and communication tool with you to further enhance your child’s learning journey.

Our aim has been to bring together the various platforms used to support learning and communicate with parents. 


Hero provides parents with the ability to access notices, view the latest newsletter, report an absence, and view upcoming events and much more.

The Community Feed page is where all communication from the school is be shared, including our school newsletter, important announcements for up-coming events. From 2023 all permission slips for class trips or sports will also be shared on Hero.

How will I know when there is a new post for my child?

Parents will receive ONE form of notification when a community post or student learning post is published.

If you log into the Hero mobile app you will receive an in-app notification. If you log into Hero via a web browser you will receive an email notification.

If you have logged in on a phone and a tablet, you will get in-app notifications to both devices. If you log out of one device (e.g. your phone) you will continue to receive in-app notifications on the other device (e.g. your tablet). If you log out of both mobile devices you will receive an email notification.

If a parent has logged into the Hero mobile app previously but is currently logged out on all of their devices they will receive an email notification.

How do I get started?

To begin your Hero journey with us, please download the Hero by LINC-ED app from the app store or alternatively open your browser and enter go.linc-ed.com and select ‘new user’. To login, you will need to enter the email address you used when enrolling your child at UHPS.

Note: use the keywords Hero LINC-ED when searching for the app. For further information please visit: https://www.linc-ed.com/parents/

If you are having challenges logging into the App we may need to update your contact details. Please email office@upperharbour.school.nz.