General Information

Important Dates

Term 1 2019

Term begins Thursday 7th February 2019 – Open day
Term ends Friday 12th April 2019

Term 2 2019

Term begins Monday 29th April 2019
Term ends Friday 5th July 2019

Term 3 2019

Term begins Monday 22nd July 2019
Term ends Friday 27th September 2019

Term 4 2019

Term begins Monday 14th October 2019
Term ends Friday 20th December 2019

Donations, Stationery and Activities

Donations made to the school are considered charitable donations, so you should retain your receipt for tax purposes.  A claim form can be obtained by logging onto and typing IR526 into the search box.

When each child starts school we provide them with a stationery pack, which they use in class throughout the year.

New Entrant to Year 2 students will be given access to Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds.

We appreciate contributions to activity costs being made during the term of the activity. A statement showing which activities have been done will be issued twice a term. 

Follow the link below to find out more.  


Banking Details

03 0252 0883866 00

When making payments using internet banking, please include as reference:

Your child’s name and a word to describe what the payment is for, e.g ‘donation’, ‘stationery’.


Lunch Orders

We have worked with lunchonline to provide school lunches every Thursday (Pita Pit) and Wednesday and Friday (Sushi). Orders need to be placed by 9:00am on the date of delivery.


Administering Medications

The school has strict procedures on the administration of medication and will only assist with this if you sign a confirmation form and provide the exact dosage in the correct container.

Medications will be retained in the Health Room at the office and will be administered there.

Children must not have medication in their school bags, their tote trays or in the classroom.



Safe Walking

There are no plans for Auckland Council to put any form of pedestrian crossing across Kyle Road outside the school.  We do have a staff supported crossing on Miromiro Street after school.

It is very important that children travel around the end of the cul-de-sac on both Kyle Road and Miromiro Street, instead of crossing the road.  Our suggested walking routes can be found below.