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Welcome to the hub for our community blogs!  Each community uses digital tools in a way that suits their goals and interests.

Comment Friday

It can be really hard for students, teachers, and parents to keep up with new blog posts, or to even know when to look.  To make it as easy as possible, we created ‘Comment Friday’.  Classes will aim to put anything new up by Thursday, so just check the blogs Friday morning to leave a comment.  That’s when we all comment too!   You’re welcome to comment any other day of course, but Friday is your best bet for finding new posts.

After lunch on Friday, classes moderate their comments to hear what people are saying and celebrate great feedback.

Come along and participate!

We love comments!

Wild Minds

Room 1&2 with
Emma Thompson & Michael Barry

Room 3 with Bridget Donovan

Room 4 with Kiri Purdie

The Treasure Hunters

Room 5 – 10 and 17 with
Leisha Barnes, Shelley Findlay, Brydie Wolfe, Emma van Hoffen, Sofia Harvey, Lee-Anne White & Tracey Esquilant

The Dynamic Dragons

Room 11 with Emma Davis

Room 12 with Jane Sung

Room 13 with Ruth Millett

Room 14 with Sally Baik

Room 15 with Casey Heyns

Room 16 with James Clark

The Minion Express

Room 17 with Tracey Esquilant

Room 18 with Tracey Bullen

Room 19 with Diane McLay

Room 20 with Alannah Jury