Novel Coronavirus update 28/1/2020


Schools have received updated information from the Ministry of Education regarding how they should respond to the current Novel Coronavirus outbreak. UHPS will follow the Ministry guidelines and do our part to ensure the wellbeing of our children and staff. Our thoughts are with any families directly affected by this disease.

Our response is very much in line with our school values, as each of us take personal responsibility to care for the whole community. As with any typical Auckland school, our families have connections all over the globe. We travel to visit loved ones, they travel to visit us, and we often embark on holiday adventures to new and interesting places.

Our school’s response to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak is in keeping with official advice, is calm, rational and underpinned by a determination to keep our children safe. We acknowledge that some measures may result in inconvenience to families but we expect you will act in good faith to support us. The following measures are now in place:

  • For any staff member or student who may be at high risk of exposure because they have recently been to China or have been in close contact with someone confirmed with the virus, we encourage you to ask that the staff member or parent/caregiver of the student delay the start of their school year for 14 days and voluntarily stay away.

  • Any staff member or student displaying symptoms of what could be a communicable illness will be sent home. Assurance would be required that it is not Novel Coronavirus, if the person wishes to return to school within 14 days.

  • Teachers will ensure that children are using hand sanitiser before food eating times and will remind children to wash their hands thoroughly and sanitise them after using the toilet. They will also recap other personal hygiene areas such as sneezing and coughing.

  • The use of face masks is entirely personal choice. It is not deemed necessary by the Ministry of Health at this time.

  • We will provide any updated information as it becomes available from the Ministries of Health or Education.

  • For further information about Novel Coronavirus, visit:

Kind regards,

Sue Smith

Principal, Upper Harbour Primary School

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