Coding and Robotics

Coding and Robotics

The students at Upper Harbour have been very fortunate to be working with Bayley Hughes and her team at BrainPlay. Through a variety of sessions based in and around the classroom and awhina spaces, all classes have been learning about coding and robotics.

Coding is all about design thinking, logic & an important language and skill to learn in the modern world. Robotics is already a big hit with our students. However, many of them have really only experienced robots as a form of entertainment. We have been exploring how robotics can help people write, type, walk, talk, as well as perform a variety of functions that many of us take for granted. We have been making direct links to how coding is the language that works in the background to communicate how the robots will behave and perform. Some of the questions we have been considering: What jobs do robots have? How do robots help humans? How might robots help the environment?  Our younger students (Years 1-3), learn more about the basics of robotics and coding, while our older students (Years 4-6) are taking the skills they have learned and applying them to more complex and challenging tasks. They also discuss some of the implications for the future, especially when we consider artificial intelligence and the role technology might play in an increasingly automated world.

This is an ongoing programme at Upper Harbour and will continue to evolve and develop alongside the expertise of BrainPlay as our partners.

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