An urban contemporary visual art project about connection and belonging.
Artists: Charles and Janine Williams
Artist assistant: Azariah Williams
with Students from Upper Harbour Primary School

About Tūhono

Connection is an important fundamental of humanity. By engaging with someone you share your experiences and together grow in understanding of the other person’s journey. Tūhono, meaning to join, bond, link or connect, is an opportunity to do so. Upper Harbour Primary School students engaged with the older generation around them to learn about their stories of immigration and arrival here to Auckland. Throughout March, our goal was to create a large scale visual arts work displaying the results of those conversations. At on-site workshops teachers, parents and even great-grandparents told stories. The students painted their individual responses by interpreting those stories into visuals. Collaborating with the students we bring together our mural painting that combines the student’s art work painted onto triangular boards.

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