Celebrating our Super Men!

Celebrating our Super Men!

Is it a bird, is it a plane – no it’s Superman!

On Friday the 1st of September, UHPS was filled with dads, grandads, brothers and other fabulous men in our lives.   A coffee van was on site to give the visiting Super Heroes their morning super power boost before they joined the students in their classrooms.  There was collaboration all round as they built marble runs, made super hero masks, competed in a tug of war and sack races and enjoyed many other fun activities.

In this article we highlight the activities of the Wild Minds block, each class hosted a different design challenge where students and their superman worked together.  The team decided to split their classes to continue to foster the great working relationships that exist within the team.  Each class had a mix of students and supermen from rooms 1-4.

In room 1 with Mrs Thompson students worked to create a sailing boat that would quickly travel across water when blown with a straw.  Each team continually tested and adapted their design to ensure it was watertight and would float.  Students from each class raced against one another to produce a finalist.

In room 2 with Mr Barry students worked with their supermen to build a catapult that would shoot a ping pong ball 2 metres into a bucket.  Each team could only use found objects and had 45 minutes to complete the task.  At the end of their time, teams had 5 shots each.  The team with the most successful shots was the winner.

In room 3 with Miss Donovan students taught our super heroes how to code and worked together to solve computational thinking problems.  They had a blast and everyone stretched their brains and learnt something new.

In room 4 with Mrs Purdie students completed the balloon rocket challenge.  Thrust is a pushing force created by energy.  In the balloon experiment, our thrust comes from the energy of the balloon forcing the air out.  In a real rocket, thrust is created by the force of burning rocket fuel as it blasts from the rocket’s engine – as the engines blast down, the rocket goes up!  Lots of fun was had making and testing the rockets.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this event, we all enjoyed having you here and we can’t wait til next year!

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