Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship continues to be an important area of focus for our school community.  So far this year, the students have been exploring what it means to reflect and extend our school values in a variety of digital environments.  For example, our Year 3-6 classes are earning their Communications Licence, which allows them to create and access their own Google account.  This account enables them to create and share Google docs, slides, websites, and communicate using email.  Students must participate in a series of activities, discussions, and a final assessment in order to earn their accounts.  For a taste of some of the content, check out one of the Kahoot assessments.

We have also been hosting Digital Citizenship – Parent & Community evenings where we discuss a broad range of topics related to the digital habits, conduct, as well as legal considerations.  We also share some of the tools and resources the students regularly access at UHPS, including coding, robotics, and a variety of web based activities.  We are very fortunate to have a range of guests and members of the community providing a window into their area of expertise including Constable Louise Nicholas (Community Officer), Bayley Hughes (BrainPlay – coding/robotics) and of course, our very connected students!

As a staff, we continue to have ongoing discussions about the many digital platforms we use for teaching, learning, as well as  professional standards we extend to our digital spaces.  We discuss the importance of being mindful using social media, and all around communication with our families.

As is the nature of the digital space, our conversations will evolve and grow as the year goes on.  Keep an eye on the website, newsletter, and app for more information, including our next community wide event.

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