23 March 2020

School Closure

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement today, Upper Harbour Primary School will be closed from the end of today – Monday 23rd March. The only exception to this will be for children of parents who work in essential industries. Those children will be looked after at school until midday Wednesday 25th March. The school holidays are starting early and your child will be provided with home learning after the holidays.

We wish you all well and will update you as more information becomes available.


跟著今天(3月23日)紐西蘭總理的宣布 – Upper Harbour Primary School 明天將會關閉. 有些特殊情況的孩子, 例如:父母在醫療系統上班 等等… 這些孩子明天 (3月24日星期二)還是可以正常上學半天到中午12點 . 學校 holiday 將提前開始 所有功課 online learning 將會於第二學期開始. 

我們會接著發出更多資訊 請大家保重.

학교 휴교 안내문

오늘자 뉴질랜드 총리의 지시에 따라 Upper Harbour Primary School은 오늘 (월요일 3월 23일) 이후로 휴교를 결정하게 되었습니다. 유일한 예외 사항은 필수 산업에 종사하는 부모들의 자녀들 뿐입니다. 만약 그 예외 사항에 포함되셨다면 여러분의 자녀들은 수요일 3월 25일까지 9시부터 12시까지 학교에서 돌봄을 받을 수 있을 것입니다. 이 뜻은 나머지 학생들은 이른, 연장된 방학을 가지게 될 것이며 방학이 끝나는대로 Term 2 부터 online learning (home learning) 을 받게 될 것입니다. 

아무쪼록 모두 몸 건강하시기를 빌며 또 다른 정보가 들어오는대로 바로 소식을 전해 드리도록 하겠습니다. 감사합니다.


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We strive to be an inclusive community that warmly welcomes parents in ‘sharing the learning journey’ with teachers and students.

Welcome to Upper Harbour Primary School, where children from Year 1 to Year 6 are nurtured, challenged and inspired to develop a love of learning.  Situated in the heart of Auckland’s North Shore, our school is nestled in a quiet valley with a backdrop of natural bush reserve.  In this tranquil spot, we strive to provide an inclusive environment where each individual is valued and our sense of community is fostered.

Primary school is a unique time when children can explore, grow and discover without the demands that accompany higher education.  We encourage our students to have a go at new challenges and develop a growth mindset where effort leads to results.  

We welcome you to Share the Journey with us.

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